Meditation is Essential For Entrepreneurs

One of the most effective tools for any founder, entrepreneur or anybody starting a company, a course, or other journey is meditation. It has profound benefits and if I had as much knowledge and practical experience, and I’m no expert, as I do now I may not be doing what I’m doing right now. I may have already done it.

As entrepreneurs we’re constantly facing decisions that dictate how our lives will evolve, which direction should we go, straight ahead or pivot? Being an entrepreneur doesn’t offer much in the way of stability in the short-term at least and there is a constant level of risk and uncertainty associated with the lifestyle.

As somebody who has always been goal-oriented, meditation provides clarity, and in turn, incredible focus in both my business and personal life that would not be as easily achieved without it. It routes my energy to reach milestones. I sometimes need to make good decisions quickly. Meditation grounds me so that I can remove distractions and negative energy out of the equation to make those decisions.

Being innovative is another key tool to successful entrepreneurship and having the creativity to do so is another crucial benefit of meditating regularly. It resets the brain so that creativity can flow and solve problems.

Happiness comes with meditation. It helps to clearly see personal weaknesses and strengths. Once you’re able to recognise those core values then you know what is required to change especially during the low times during building a product or a company. Being happy through the more challenging times makes for a better process, a more learned experience to use for the next stage or project or company. It promotes balance. 

Try it, even for 2 or 3 minutes a day to start with. You’ll feel the benefits almost immediately.

Of course, it differs for everybody but there’s a point you do get to during the meditation journey when you realise that the time spent meditating is so beneficial and productive that you know it is life-changing and you begin to look forward to it each day. I believe it should be taught as part of junior and senior schools syllabus’ and certainly part of facilitated learning as we progress into our professional careers.

Outcomes from past situations with other startups I founded would most definitely have been very different. My mental health would still have been challenged but my ability to deal with those challenges would have provided more options and opportunity.

If you’re reading this and you are thinking of meditating then drop me an email if you want. I’d be delighted to connect and help in any way I can.

Look after your mental health and it’ll look after you for sure.

Stay focused. It isn’t rocket science, it is just time. And time is money.

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